Installation and build

The code for the Olympus distributed Single Sign-On service is freely available here.

To build the whole project (note that executing the commands in module subdirectories allows building only those modules – and their dependencies), use the commands:

mvn clean
mvn install

Note that the ‘mvn clean’ command is needed to install the MIRACL jar dependency into the local m2 repository in order to build the project.

Note that ‘mvn install’ builds a Docker test setup, so Docker must be running while running this command.

DO NOT skip the tests in ‘mvn install’. The tests are necessary for constructing tests keys that is compiled into the Docker Images.

Two demonstration cases are included in this project: an example deployment of a virtual IdP for a specific use case (for both PESTO and dp-ABC approaches) and a demonstrator of the application of OLYMPUS as an identity provider in an OIDC flow. Once the installation process is finished, you can try them following the instructions in the repository. These demonstrators can serve as a base example for the configuration and deployment steps explained in following sections.